Video Transcript of 2nd STREET Video

2nd STREET Intro Video

Video starts with background music with a fun funky style. Video of 2nd Street Melrose outside of the store. Video of 2nd Street Union Square outside of the store showing the window display. Another clip of inside of 2nd Street Union Square with a few mannequins wearing pink, patterned, or funky outfits and a 3 foot bearbrick with a Marlyn Monroe face pattern. 

Next video of 2nd Street Santa Monica. A shot outside of the store with two big trees. And a video of inside of the store with a glass shelf full of luxury bags including Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Burberry, Prada handbags, and more A shot of 2nd Street staff at the buying and selling counter. A shot of the inside of the store with more clothes on the shelf.

Next a shot of the outside of 2nd Street NoHo. A shot zooming inside the smaller store with rows of clothes. Next, a shot of 2nd Street Melrose outside of the store and a shot of inside of the store with mannequins wearing styled outfits and stacks of clothes on the shelf. Next, the drone video overviewing the street of Melrose in Los Angeles with a red 2nd Street logo zooming and at the center. End of video.