About Us

Who We Are

2nd STREET began in Japan in 1996. From our first store in Kagawa, we have grown to a current roster of over 700 locations. In 2018, our first 2nd STREET USA store opened on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles. 2nd STREET USA is now found on 11 locations in California, 7 in New York, 6 in Texas, 2 in Pennsylvania, 2 in New Jersey, 2 in Illinois, Georgia, Oregon, Colorado, North Carolina and Arizona with 9 more new locations to come soon. 

We buy trend items from our customers and resell in-store and our eShop. At 2nd STREET USA, we offer a huge selection of styles from street wear to vintage to Japanese designer and luxury accessories. Explore our deep selections and find one-of-a-kind special pieces. Since we buy items everyday and regularly receive new inventory from Japan, you can always discover new pieces to keep you on-trend. 

More Valuable Than New

Here at 2nd STREET, we have truly unique items that can’t be found just anywhere, for great value. Finding one-of-a-kind pieces in premium, second-hand condition with so much to choose from. Whether you're into hard to find street wear, hunting for vintage items, or into stylish your own looks, second hand is the way to go. 


Make a fashion statement that’s part of an environmental movement. In the U.S. alone, over 15 million tons of clothing end up in landfills annually. But with your support, we’re able to continuously drive the sale of gently-used clothing and reduce waste around the world. We’re committed to increasing our environmental efforts and reducing the number of garments that reach landfills.

As part of our Hand2Hand project, we make sure to reuse all the clothing that arrives in our stores. Any items that we cannot sell are donated to a partner company that will recycle the clothing to clean up oil spills in factories, while other items are resold to create job opportunities and provide clothing to those in need.